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The cashless catering system for schools and parents.

An introduction

Lunchtab makes school catering child's play!

A comprehensive catering software system that provides a dedicated point of sale application, meal planning tools, parent account management facilities and biometric authentication for a complete cashless school environment.

Great Benefits

What does Lunchtab offer?

Fast lunch lines

Specially designed POS terminals with biometric or RFID identification to handle very high throughput

Parents in the loop

Parents and caregivers have control of their child’s meal choices and full visibility on spending

Easy menu creation

Create menus using our easy to use menu builder including detailed information on allergens

... plus all these features

  • Payment Management

    A secure and integrated payment gateway allows parents and families to top up using credit / debit cards and manage the payment aspects of their accounts by themselves in real time.

  • Cafeteria Menu Management

    An intuitive drag and drop, menu builder interface allows the cafeteria and catering management to build and publish menus easily. Menus can be customised to allow ordering by grade and occasion. Previous menus can be saved and copied to easily facilitate rotating choices. Published menus can be displayed directly on school screens and delivered to families for ordering without the need to cut and paste between departments or systems.

  • Spending Restrictions

    Parents and families can manage how children are allowed to spend from the family account on a day to day basis. The school can also manage spend restrictions such as overdraft limits and daily spend limits per school, grade or even an individual basis. The school can also manage how and when low balance alerts are automatically generated to avoid accounts running too low or overdrawn.

  • Allergy and Product Restrictions

    Dietary requirements and preferences are mapped to the products sold, the published menus and also automatically linked to the point of sale. Individual dietary requirements can be managed at the point of order and point of sale, alerting the cashier to any potential allergy issues.

  • Subscription Plans

    Annual meal plans or packs of credits can be created and made available to grades or individuals to incentivise using the school catering facilities. A subscription builder interface allows a flexible was to create any kind of sales incentive.

  • Online Ordering

    Published menus and other products can be made available to order by grade or group. Order summary information has been designed to be used in the kitchen to allow for greater visibility of orders and easy meal preparation.

  • Multiple Business Types

    Schools can separate out different sales areas or departments out into unique manageable areas. Typical ares include Cafeteria, Shop, Stationary, Uniform etc… Financial reporting can be made on these business types independently from each other.

  • Choice of Identification Methods

    Choose between any combination of biometric identification (finger print technology provided by SecuGen), RFID cards / tags  or simple name searches at the point of sale. With optional profile pictures on the point of sale, correct student identification is much easier. Existing RFID cards / tags can be used without the need for additional RFID card management software

  • Real-time notifications for parents

    Automatic email notification for a variety of specific events can be configured in the management menu. These include, low balance, overdrawn accounts, order confirmation, reminders and more.

  • API Integration (e.g. Veracross, Blackbaud)

    Integration with school management systems such as Veracross or Blackbaud ensures that data is always synchronised on the parent dashboard and the point of sale.

  • Financial Reporting and Analytics

    Financial reports can be viewed online in real time, downloaded, printed or even made available as data downloads for integration into external systems. A management dashboard provides a clean visual view of all the key information at a glance.

  • Physical Pay Stations

    Secure, onsite Pay Stations allow unattended collection of cash for direct, real time account top up. This removes cash handling in the cafeteria which improves hygiene and speeds up the lunch line for a faster lunch break or recess throughput.

Kind Words

“Thanks to the hard work and responsiveness of the Lunchtab team, our implementation went off without a hitch. Lunchtab has proven to be reliable, it integrates well with our other systems, and is a pleasure to use. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lunchtab if you are in the market for a full-featured and rock-solid cafeteria management system”

Jason Edwards, IT Director
Yokohama International School

“We have heard nothing but praise for the new system and are impressed with both it and the service”

John Munro. Head of IT Services
Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama

“When we first took on the catering service internally, managing the order and subscription were a real headache for us.  Then we met Lunchtab, a system built by a group of professionals who know the needs of the school, the operator, the parents, and the students.  You just can’t go wrong with that.  But we are even more impressed afterwards with the training, support, and operation advice offered by the team.  We would recommend the system to any schools that would like to improve the experience of their communities.”

Jojit Au Yeung - Financial Controller
Hong Kong Academy

As part of the modernization of the lunch service at ASIJ we wanted a cashless payment system that would be fast, accurate and easy to use. ASIJ is a large school with a very busy cafeteria and Lunchtab handles the lunch rush elegantly. Our parents love the visibility of the account and students are enjoying the convenience of the system. Lunch is always a difficult part of the day to get right, and Lunchtab provided us with a smart solution”

Bhupesh Upadhyay. Chief financial officer/chief operating officer
The American School in Japan


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